How to Apply

How to Apply?

Step 1: Provide the Application details and upload the necessary Documents.

You can submit your application through this website. The first step of the E-VOA application is to register on the website. Provide all the requested information and upload the necessary documents. If you are a minor, it may be necessary to upload additional documents.

Important Notes:

In this step, you will have to select the country as per the passport that you hold. If you have dual nationality, you must select the nationality of the passport that you will use for your travel.

The passport that you use for the application must be the same as the one you will use while travelling to Thailand. If different, then your E-VOA will be invalid.

Your passport should be valid for at least 30 days from your date of arrival to Thailand. The passport should have at least 1 blank page for stamping by the Thai Immigration Officer.

The only travel document that can be used in the E-VOA application process is your regular passport. Other travel documents are not acceptable for E-VOA application.

Each traveller must obtain an individual E-VOA, including infants and children. The E-VOA applications can be created either for a single individual or for a family (minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 applicants).

During your E-VOA application, make sure that the information provided by you matches exactly with the information on your passport, otherwise your E-VOA will be invalid and you will not be eligible for a refund. Once the E-VOA is processed, the information provided cannot be changed.

The E-VOA application has no connection with Thailand Embassies or Consulate General. For any questions or comments, feel free to contact the E-VOA Support Desk.

Please note that in order to have a seamless process for your Thailand E-VOA application, you will need a stable working internet connection. In the event of your connection being unstable, an error message will be prompted for security reasons.

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Step 2: Provide the Application details and upload the necessary Documents.

After providing all the required information, you have to make the fee payment through the Payment gateway. You can pay the fees using a MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay credit/debit card or WeChat or Alipay. It is not necessary for the card to be under your name. Make sure that your card has "3D Secure System" and is enabled to make international transactions.

Step 3: Download the E-VOA receipt.

If the fee payment is successful, and your application is processed with a pre-approved E-VOA code, you will receive a .pdf file with the decision. You could download and print your E-VOA for your reference. We also recommend that you keep a copy of the .pdf file in your mobile phone.

Express-Visa Service: You can also apply for an express service, to get your E-VOA even faster. By paying an additional fee, you can get your E-VOA decision within 24 hours to help you travel at short notice to Thailand.